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New Zealand Optometric Vision Research Foundation
Summary of Research Grants 1987-2020
Total Value of 85 Grants Awarded Approximately $910,565

  1. Screen colour and CCTV reading performance. R Jacobs, 1987.
  2. A comparison of refractive components in youth onset and early adult onset myopia. T Grosvenor, 1988.
  3. Sports vision analysis of Auckland rhythmic gymnasts. P Hulme, B Howes, 1988.
  4. Vision and learning difficulties. J Anstice, S Kemp, 1988.
  5. Computerisation of colour vision test. G Sanderson, P Sharp, 1989.
  6. Evaluation of near glare test. C Beckman, 1989.
  7. Optical and neural contributions to visual dysfunction. R Scott, R Jacobs, 1989.
  8. Non-invasive measurement of retinal capillary blood flow and the foveal avascular zone. M Yap, 1990.
  9. Characterisation of human corneal thickness. P Herse, 1990.
  10. Factors affecting corneal hydration. P Herse, 1991.
  11. Tonic accommodation and the development of myopia. L Garner, M Yap, 1991.
  12. Colour vision test. L Tomlinson, 1991.
  13. Lens cataract prevention in diabetes. J Kistler, P Donaldson, 1991.
  14. Clinical measurement of discomfort glare. R Jacobs, 1992.
  15. Microfluctuations in accommodation and ocular disease. H Owens, 1992.
  16. Crystalline lens in ametropia. R Scott , 1992.
  17. A study of the possible emmetropizing mechanism in the mature eye. T Grosvenor, C Ooi, 1993.
  18. Physical fatigue and visual performance. M Yap, 1993.
  19. Visual acuity measurement: how much difference is there between the two eyes? B Brown, 1993.
  20. A longitudinal study of changes in the ocular components of school children. L Garner, M Yap, R Kinnear, M Frith, 1994.
  21. Juvenile onset myopia: the effect of light on growth factors and differentiation in retinal cells. L Garner, P Penfold, G Cooper, J Marbrook, 1995.
  22. Mapping perceived colour space. J Kirkland, 1995.
  23. Comparison of electrode types in topographical ERG. N Mohindin, M Yap, R Jacobs, 1995.
  24. Effect of age on amplitude and latency of topographical ERG. N Mohindin, M Yap, R Jacobs, 1995.
  25. Tear film analysis in keratoconus. G Watters, H Owens, M Yap, 1995.
  26. The relationship between the Stiles-Crawford effect and myopia. S Choi, L Garner, 1996.
  27. Development of models of the optical structure of the crystalline lens. L Garner, G Smith, 1996.
  28. Visualising cell-to-cell signaling in the ciliary body. P Donaldson, 1997.
  29. Experimental myopia: scleral creep during induction, suppression and recovery in chick. J Phillips, A Collins, 1997.
  30. A longitudinal study of changes in the ocular components in school children. L Garner, 1997.
  31. An investigation of methods of determining astigmatic refractive error for patients with low vision.  Ms Yun Fan, Dr Rob Jacobs, 1998.  $9,000
  32. A longitudinal study of changes in the ocular components in schoolchildren.  Prof Leon Garner, 1999.  $12,300
  33. Morphological and cellular changes in the human cornea with orthokeratology.  Dr Jennifer Craig, Dr Helen Owens, Prof Charles McGhee, 1999.  $15,000
  34. Development of a computerised system for assessing tears spreading rates in dry eye and post-refractive surgery.  Dr Helen Owens, Dr John Phillips, 2000.  $15,000
  35. A longitudinal study of changes in the ocular components in schoolchildren.  Prof Leon Garner, 2000.  $10,070
  36. Corneal topographic analysis and genetic testing of keratoconic families in New Zealand.  Dr Helen Owens, Dr Stephen Robertson, 2001.  $15,000
  37. The impact of tear film disorders and marginal lid disease on human conjunctival cell morphology and the expression of inflammatory markers.  Dr Jennifer Craig, Dr Andreas Müller, 2001.  $15,000
  38. Mapping kainite drive in inner retinal neurons using a channel permeable cation (agmatine). Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2001.  $17,550
  39. Neuron/glial metabolic coupling: identifying metabolic markers secondary to retinal insult.  Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2002.  $10,000
  40. Mechanisms of emmetropisation in the ageing eye – the first 10-year follow-up. Mr Chuan Ooi, Prof Ted Grosvenor, Prof Leon Garner, 2002.  $12,400
  41. Mapping visual function in central and peripheral retina: effect of LASIK surgery.  Dr Helen Owens, Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2002.  $20,000
  42. Neuron/glial metabolic coupling: identifying metabolic markers secondary to retinal insult (Year 2).  Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2003.  $13,420
  43. Mapping visual function in central and peripheral retina: effect of LASIK surgery (Year 2).  Dr Helen Owens, Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2003.  $17,900
  44. The role of sodium channels in retinal health and disease.  Dr Brendan O’Brien, 2003.  $11,695
  45. Control of axial eye length in guinea pig: the role of myofibroblasts in the sclera (Year 1).  Dr Phillips, Dr Bumsted O’Brien & Mr Simon Backhouse, 2004.  $15,000
  46. Effect of ischemia-related retinal disorders on the optokinetic system.  Dr O’Brien & Mr Horler, 2004.  $12,553
  47. Short-term energy metabolism in the retina: Characterisation of the creatine transporter in normal and retinal degeneration.  Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2004.  $10,000
  48. The genetic basis of myopia in dogs.  Dr John Phillips, Ms Joanne Black, 2005.  $12,170
  49. Short-term energy metabolism in the retina: Characterisation of the creatine transporter in normal and retinal degeneration. Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2005.  $10,500
  50. Control of axial length in guinea pig: role of myofibroblasts in the sclera.  Dr John Phillips, Mr Simon Backhouse, 2005.  $11,850
  51. Dual-focus Inhibition of Myopia Evaluation in New Zealand (DIMENZ).  Dr John Phillips, Ms Nicola Anstice, 2006.  $13,500
  52. Retinal Fireworks: shedding light on the starburst amacrine cell.  Dr Brendan J O’Brien, 2006.  $15,000
  53. Summer Studentship. A rat model of human retinitis pigmentosa.  Tzu-Ying (Sandy) Yu (Prof Michael Kalloniatis supervisor), 2006.  $5,000
  54. Neuroprotective effect of vinpocetine in retina ischemia and anoxia.  Dr Monica Acosta, Dr Brendan O’Brien, Prof Michael Kalloniatis, 2007.  $10,850
  55. Summer Studentship. The University of Auckland, 2007.  $5,000
  56. Summer Studentship. The University of Auckland, 2008.  $5,000
  57. Promoting plasticity in visual cortex with anti-depressant drugs.  Dr Ben Thompson, 2009.  $18,000
  58. Auckland Refractive Error Study.  Dr Geraint Phillips, Ms Nicola Anstice, A/Prof Rob Jacobs, 2009.  $15,000
  59. Summer Studentship. Psychophysical measurements of depth perception and blur adaptation.  Erin Tan (Dr Ben Thompson supervisor), 2009.  $5,000
  60. Anatomy and physiology of the human normal and detached retina.  Dr Monica Acosta, A/Prof Polkinghorne, 2010.  $15,744
  61. Summer Studentship.  Perinatal light exposure in chick and its effect on refractive development.  Ally Xue (Dr Simon Backhouse supervisor), 2010.  $6,000
  62. Refractive development of the eye following pre-term birth in sheep.  Dr Nicola Anstice, 2011.  $12,115
  63. Correlation of corneal nerve microstructure and function with peripheral nerve neuropathy in diabetes.  Dr Jennifer Craig, Ms Stuti Misra, 2011.  $11,000
  64. A laser ray-tracing system for mapping the 3D refractive index of ex-vivo lenses.  Dr Eshan Vaghefi, 2011.  $11,000
  65. Development of aids for colour deficient optometrists.  A/Professor Rob Jacobs, 2012.  $19,552
  66. Enhancing the impact of animal models in the study of age related macular degeneration.  Dr Monica Acosta, 2013.  $25,000
  67. Long-term visual outcomes in children born extremely preterm.  Dr Joanna Black, 2014.  $25,000
  68. Physiological optics: upgrading a ray-tracing system to measuring 3D refractive indices of in-vitro lenses.  Dr Ehsan Vaghefi,2014.  $15,000
  69. In vivo exploration of the potential of UVC for treating corneal infections.  Dr Jennifer Craig, 2014.  $15,000
  70. Using remote eye-tracking to assess visual function in infants and toddlers.  Prof Steven Dakin, 2014.  $15,000
  71. Investigating the visual function of primary school children in Tonga in the context of general health.  Dr Lisa Hamm, 2015.  $11,994
  72. Improving the efficacy of the B4 School Check vision screening programme.  Dr Nicola Anstice, 2015.  $10,000
  73. Vision and visual development in children with prenatal exposure to alcohol.  Assoc Prof Ben Thompson, 2015.  $10,000
  74. The xCT knockout mouse: a tool for studying the role of the cystine-glutamate antiporter in the retina.  Dr Julie Lim, 2016.  $10,000
  75. The effect of optical defocus on choroidal perfusion.  Dr John Phillips, 2016.  $10,000
  76. Exploring intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy for meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).  Miss Ally Xue, 2016.  $10,000
  77. Viability and efficacy of orthokeratology contact lens wear for hyperopes and presbyopes.  Mr Jagrut Lallu, 2016.  $8,000
  78. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – contact lens disinfectants and bacterial virulence in corneal infections.  Dr Isabella Cheung, 2017.  $19,777
  79. Visual field testing in a virtual world.  Dr Phil Turnbull, 2017.  $10,000
  80. Biochemical and molecular mechanisms of diabetic retinopathy – what exacerbates the condition?  Dr Monica Acosta, 2018.  $13,500
  81. The double edged sword effect of reactive oxygen species in the lens: a new approach to the design of anti-cataract therapies.  Dr Julie Lim, 2018.  $13,500
  82. A custom-built objective monitor of spectacle wear in preschool children with amblyopia.  Dr Joanna Black, 2018.  $10,000
  83. Development of an enhanced database of retinal images acquired using smartphone-based ophthalmoscope.  Mr Renoh Chalakkal, 2019.  $6,500
  84. Retinal microglia: novel molecular markers to diagnose early stage diabetic retinopathy.  Associate Professor Monica Acosta, 2020.  $15,000
  85. Exploring the role of the inflammasome in diabetic retinopathy.  Dr Lola Mugisho, 2020.  $10,000


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