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History of the NZOVRF

Used with permission: New Zealand Optics Magazine ©1985

Appeal Reinforces Close Relationship

“For many years I have been keen to see the University of Auckland become increasingly involved with the professions for which it provides training, and with the community, of which it is an integral part”, said Dr Lindo Ferguson, Chancellor, University of Auckland”.

“The ‘ivory tower’ concept is not one I support and I am always pleased to become associated with major appeals that are designed to strengthen the links between the University, the Professions, and the Community”.

“The appeal that is being launched by the New Zealand Optometric Vision Research Foundation fits this criteria admirably. It reinforces the close working relationship that exists between the Optometric Profession, and the university, and will provide a research facility that will be of benefit to the community, both directly through projects with a high public interest, such as visual problems associated with prolonged use of VDUs, and indirectly through research that contributes to the science of Optometry, which in turn will benefit the vision care in the community”.

“No-one can dispute the value and benefits derived from research in this area. We live in a society where high demands are placed on vision and where modern technology offers improvements in the means available for the correction of vision problems”.

“This is especially true in the field of contact lenses where the recent development of new plastics has solved many of the problems associated with these lenses. I should add that new and challenging problems continue to emerge and further research is essential in this field”.

“I would like to congratulate the New Zealand Association of Optometrists for the initiative it has shown in launching this appeal in conjunction with the School of Optometry at the University of Auckland. This spirit of cooperation was shown by the Association when the Optometry School was established in 1964, and in 1985 the profession has again responded to establish the New Zealand Optometric Vision Research Foundation”, he said.


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