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Providing funds for NZ eye research and vision care projects

The New Zealand Optometric Vision Research Foundation (NZOVRF) was established in 1985 to provide funds for NZ eye research and vision care projects.

The initiative for this Foundation came from the New Zealand Association of Optometrists (NZAO), members of the optometric profession, and The University of Auckland.

The Foundation will consider applications for projects each year and funds will be made available by the trustees to a wide variety of project types.

The major objectives of the Foundation are as follows:

  • to foster research in Optometry and visual science at the School of Optometry, The University of Auckland;
  • to encourage research interests among students in Optometry;
  • to provide grants to establish or promote research in any area of Optometry or visual science;
  • to provide grants to individual Optometrists who may wish to undertake approved research projects in New Zealand or at recognised Schools of Optometry or research establishments in other countries;
  • to undertake such other activities as may, in the opinion of the Board, promote or sustain the extension of knowledge in Optometry or visual science.

The Foundation has been funded by donations from optometrists, optical wholesale companies, and very generous members of the public, as well as income from investments.

All donations have been spent on supporting research grants or scholarships – no fundraising fees are paid, trustees are unpaid volunteers, and administration services (except external professional accounting and audit services) are provided at no charge by the NZAO.

NZ Charities Register Number: CC51352


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